We know active schools do better and we know that the first ten years of a child’s life provides a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity.

So why are so many children sitting still when they are designed to play?

Playground Activator training helps boost the knowledge, skills and confidence of your workforce who work with children at break and lunchtime.

The impact!

We work with you to create an active playground for all children which results in:

Increased levels of physical activity

Reduction in lunchtime incidents

Improved behaviour

Children who are more focused and ready to learn

How Playground Activator has helped activate playgrounds across the UK.

Workshop feedback

The Activator Workshop is really engaging and has really improved our lunchtime provision.

We chose the Activator Workshop because it was specific to our needs as a school. Our lunchtime and playground supervisors needed support leading safe activities with confidence to enhance the physical activity and behaviour of the children in the playground.

Playground Activator has dramatically improved our playground supervisors skills. There are more games and activities taking place in the playground at lunchtime and break and the staff are confident in leading safe, well-structured games that the children enjoy

Areas and space on the playground are being used a lot more and there are less behaviour issues at break and lunchtimes.

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